Keyless Entry Systems

Professional Key Cutting in Crestline

Mountain Locksmith offers a professional key cutting service for those in and around Crestline. Our expert locksmiths use the best equipment to ensure a quality product for all of our valued customers.

Why Do I Need a Key Cut?

  • When you purchase a new house, you unfortunately do not know the history of previous occupants and how they managed their keys. This makes it very important to contact your local key cutter to rekey all the doors of your residence, not only for the security of the building but for your state of mind.
  • Everybody knows how frustrating it can be to have a key freeze or break in a lock. This is not only stressful but potentially unsafe. An unlocked house or automobile can be a target for thieves and vandals and the continued security and peace of mind of our customers is our first priority.
  • Have you ever been tired after a day of work and locked your only key in your car? Locked yourself out of your house and had to climb through a window? Having a second set can save hours of waiting (and some money too)!
  • When a business hires a new manager and wants to express their trust in him by expanding his responsibilities, key duplication allows them to provide that employee with the ability to open and close the site without supervision.

Why Choose Mountain Locksmith Inc.?

  • Our expert locksmiths calibrate our key cutting machines on a daily basis to ensure a long lasting key that has no rough edges.
  • We employ licensed and bonded, American employees and we have been a trusted member of the Blue Jay, mountain community for almost 45 years!
  • We offer various types of keys to suit your needs, including vehicle transponder keys at a much more reasonable price than going to a dealership!
    • With over 3000 key blanks in stock, we are sure to have what you need.

    For Key Duplication and Replacements, Contact Mountain Locksmith Inc.

    For your piece of mind, choose a professional key cutting service that has been helping homes and businesses in and around Crestline for more than 45 years.